Brand: Oscartielle
Model: Argus H150
Type: Remote
Category: Open Semi-Vertical

Refrigerated wall cabinet, designed for the display of packaged fresh foods. Thanks to years of experience in this product sector, Oscartielle realized a “plug-in” wall cabinet just 35 cm above the floor. The result is a handsome looking cabinet with a high display volume.

The cabinet can be multiplexed and has panoramic end walls as standard equipment. It can be supplied with incorporated or remote compressor unit.


  • Normal Temperature
  • Remote condensing unit
  • Ventilated refrigeration
  • Off-cycle defrost

Supported Temperatures

  • 0°C/+2°C

Example Uses

  • IV gamma pre-packed fruit & veg
  • Cheese
  • Pre-packed fish
  • Delicatessen
  • Fresh milk
  • Meat
  • Salami

Ideal Placement

  • Large surface
  • Medium surface
  • Discount


Length with ends Horizontal display surface Net volume
1017 mm 1,50 m2 270 dm3
1330 mm 2,05 m2 360 dm3
1955 mm 3,00 m2 540 dm3
2580 mm 4,10 m2 720 dm3
3830 mm 6,15 m2 1080 dm3