Brand: Oscartielle
Model: Major
Type: Remote
Category: Serve-Over Counters

The serve-over cabinet Major incorporates a good display depth, with an aesthetical aspect defined by soft lines, enhanced by the corner elements with spherical glasses. It represents the natural evolution of this type of serve-over counter.

Always looking for the union between design and ergonomics, the benefit of this cabinet is the absence of rear supports, which highlights the modern design and provides unrestricted access to the products displayed, together with easier cleaning operations.


  • Normal Temperature
  • Remote condensing unit
  • Static refrigeration
  • Electric defrost

Supported Temperatures

  • +2°C/+8°C

Example Uses

  • Bakery
  • Cheese
  • Delicatessen
  • Fresh milk
  • Salami

Ideal Placement

  • Large surface
  • Medium surface
  • Discount


Length with ends Horizontal display surface Net volume
1017 mm 0,75 m2 85 dm3
1330 mm 1,00 m2 113 dm3
1955 mm 1,50 m2 170 dm3
2580 mm 2,00 m2 227 dm3
3205 mm 2,50 m2 283 dm3
3830 mm 3,00 m2 340 dm3