MG Daylight

Brand: Koxka
Model: MG
Type: Remote
Category: Vertical Multi-Deck

MG is the new closed multideck with maximum visibility and optimum product preservation that can be installed even in the most demanding environmental conditions.

  • Positive closed refrigeration with frameless doors.
  • Multi-deck cabinets designed with energy savingsin mind, but with full visibility of the product, while improving its preservation
  • Available with frameless simple and double doors for vertical multi-deck cabinets. The absence of frames will increase visibility, improve the impact of merchandising and increase the profitability of the vertical multi-deck cabinet (sales/m2)
  • Koxka’s range of closed vertical multi-deck cabinets achieves savings that range from 53 and 67% of the REC.
  • The temperature of the multi-deck cabinet can be adjusted to display meat, fish, deli food, dairy products, vegetables, fruit and fourth range products Available in 2 heights, 4 widths, 5 modulations and with promotional headers. Also available with simple or double door and different handle options.


  • Maximized product visibility
  • Frame free doors: single & double glass
  • Toughened Low E glasses
  • Inside closures to ensure energy saving
  • Non metallic hinges with stainless steel appearance
  • Security profile on the edge
  • Reinforced canopy lighting. “ICE lighting”
  • Corner plinth
  • Lamp protection in shelves
  • Promotional end case (any case module 2, 3, 4 can be used as promotional end case)
  • CO2 (R744) as refrigerant
  • Ethylene Glycol / Water mixture as refrigerant