Brand: Oscartielle
Model: Sweet 2
Type: Plug-in
Category: Serve-Over Counters

The higher level pastry finds its ideal placement in this refrigerated serve over cabinet, thanks to the wide vertically developed display surface, the efficient illumination and maximum visibility of the displayed product. Both the open and closed spherical corners enhance the round shape of the counter and allow for various display solutions.


  • Normal Temperature
  • Built-in condensing unit
  • Static refrigeration
  • Off-cycle defrost
  • R 404a

Supported Temperatures

  • +4°C/+8°C

Example Uses

  • Bakery

Ideal Placement

  • Small surface
  • Specialty store


Length with ends Horizontal display surface Net volume
1018 mm 1,51 m2 120 dm3
1955 mm 3,02 m2 240 dm3
2893 mm 4,53 m2 360 dm3
AE 45° 1,20 m2 120 dm3
AI 45° 1,10 m2 110 dm3