Brand: Oscartielle
Model: Urano 2
Type: Plug-in
Category: Closed Islands

The Panoramic version of Urano 2 is characterised by a glass on both sides, which gives more visibility to the products and realise the “single island concept” of Urano 2.

Like in the other Urano 2 models, the particular refrigerating system with both evaporator and condenser realised by coils foamed in the cabinet grants: maximum performances, maintenance free operation, very limited duty costs.


  • Low temperature
  • Built-in condensing unit
  • Static refrigeration
  • Off-cycle defrost
  • R 404a

Supported Temperatures

  • -18°C/-23°C

Example Uses

  • Ice-cream
  • Frozen food

Ideal Placement

  • Medium surface
  • Small surface
  • Discount
  • Specialty store


Length with ends Horizontal display surface Net volume
1820 mm 1,21 m2 490 dm3