Brand: Oscartielle
Model: Urano 2
Type: Plug-in
Category: Closed Islands

Cabinet with static refrigeration system, for the display and selling of frozen foods and ice creams. Equipped with sliding covers having low-emission glasses that grant heat losses reduction and excellent visibility of the displayed products.

Urano 2 allows a remarkable flexibility of application, thanks to the possibility to be positioned as single cabinet, back to back or in case with a header, so giving more merchandising impact to the product in its display area.


  • Low temperature
  • Built-in condensing unit
  • Static refrigeration
  • Off-cycle defrost
  • R 404a

Supported Temperatures

  • -18°C/-23°C

Example Uses

  • Ice-cream
  • Frozen food

Ideal Placement

  • Medium surface
  • Small surface
  • Discount
  • Specialty store


Length with ends Horizontal display surface Net volume
1650 mm 1,09 m2 550 dm3
2100 mm 1,42 m2 720 dm3
2500 mm 1,70 m2 880 dm3
TST 1820 1,21 m2 490 dm3